Tallest Man On Earth - “Graceland” (Paul Simon cover)

This is incredible.

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Tallest Man On Earth - Bright Lanterns


The Tallest Man on Earth - “Weather of a Killing Kind”

Kristian Matsson can do no wrong.

Tallest Man on Earth, “Like a Wheel,” from Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird (2010)


I Want You - The Tallest Man On Earth

auto-reblog because:

a) I can’t go a week without posting something Kristian Matsson has done.

b) This is one of my favorite Dylan songs.

As an early Mother’s Day present I’m taking this lovely lady to see the Tallest Man on Earth at the Highline Ballroom on Tuesday evening.

I can’t wait.


Pistol Dreams - Tallest Man on Earth

Yes, this is my third Tallest Man on Earth post in a month, because a certain Kristian Matsson will be performing at the Highline Ballroom April 20th @ 9pm

tickets go on sale in…9 minutes!!!


The Tallest Man on Earth - The King of Spain

Love this dude’s music ever since I discovered him when he opened for Bon Iver last year. Great performer, great songwriter. This record is gonna be tight.


mp3: The Tallest Man On Earth - The King Of Spain

When I first read the title of this track, I thought this was going to be a Sting cover given Kristian Matsson’s recent penchant for doing renditions.

Oh, SPAIN, right.

My love affair with this Swedish troubadour is well documented. His new album, on his new label Dead Oceans, is due out April 14. This right here is his first single from the record.

I’m officially counting the days.

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I hopped on this bandwagon late in the game (read: during my Caribbean vacation) and I cannot wait for the follow-up to Shallow Grave.


The tallest man on earth - I won’t be found