Set in a crumbling black-and-white futuristic metropolis, void of creativity and color, the city is traversed by The Gold Sparrow and her nefarious side kick, The Ring Leader…

If you’re going to SXSW this year, and I know A LOT of you are, make sure to catch the world premiere of The Gold Sparrow, executive produced by Chad Nicholson, and directed by Daniel Stessen.  By rotoscoping 2D animation over a live action film, the wildly talented Gold Sparrow team has created a world like no other, I promise you this film will blow. your. mind.

For dates and times, please check out the Gold Sparrow SXSW events page.

Take a second and vote for the most proactive panel at SXSW 2012.  My recommendation would be Mike Lee’s panel “Which trends would you marry, fuck, or kill?”  Believe me, this guy KNOWS his tech trends.

Here’s a brief excerpt from their panel description: Our session will take a brief glimpse at the current state of Social Networking, Media & Entertainment, Social Good and E-Commerce. Then out will come the firing squad, and each of us will give our picks for the businesses we’d like to keep for the long haul, which are the jail bait, and which we’d like to conscript to a life on Elba with Glenn Beck.

Go, now, vote!